Swirled World Lyrics



Follow your dreams through time unless your dreams are bad like mine

I guess dreams can be good or bad

You know the best dream I ever had was with you sleeping in my bed

Wake up and smell the sun

I feel warmth lighting up my face

Believe in power of the day

No dream can steal your strength away, no way

Dreams are fulfilled awake


Kiss away the tears

All the tears that I draw out of your eyes

Sometimes I'm unkind

Sorry but I just hurt deep down inside

Long before us, I paid a price

One and only you, skin as thick as sandpaper

One and only me, bullets piercing body armor

The love that we give is the love that we take

The pain that we shield is the cream on our cake

Darling I believe I can love you better

Darling I believe I can touch you deeper

I can love you better when I love myself

Gotta find a way to better love myself

I commit my pride to pursuit of a deeper peace inside

If not for us, I would be lost

Ever deeper inside, I feel for the light


I remember you, do you remember me?

Was a time our bond was true, us and god made three

Locked in art and locked in love, how the spirit flies

Til the weather changes us, past remains alive

I remember you, do you remember me?

What we made was rich and true, set each other free

Free to roam the maze of time, to the other side

Opposite and back again, memories collide

Memory, history

What we create can't be taken away

The present seems to last forever til the energy fades

The present seems to last forever til we blink it away

You may not be around but you changed the beat of my heart

I remember you, do you remember me?

The seed we planted long ago has grown into a tree

Never mind the rain that fell in years since you've been gone

I observe your lessons well, give thanks and carry on


We band together to take on the day and all of its challenges

Why can't it be simple?

In different directions we're running today

Cris-crossing our corner of ocean

Visibility is low, the weather changing on a dime

Compass spinning

Beautiful vessel, navigate the raging main

We are your faithful crew

Beautiful vessel, tracking that Northern star

We place our faith in you

So many mercies along the way

So many unplanned gifts help us stay the course

When tsunami threatens to sweep us away

We must remember the joys of this journey

Through it all, we turn to you

Steer your precious cargo to safe harbor

Lord know I try to get us by

I turn to you, beautiful vessel

In spite of my might, it's a fight

Day is night, beautiful vessel

The lightning and thunder crash across the sky

Beautiful vessel


I walked the walk into the fire

I bled red blood for your voyeuristic pleasure

I walked the plank into the pyre

You are my witness

I laid my soul bare on your sacrificial table

I don't sing anymore, cos I don't want to share my life with you

I don't sing anymore cos the deeper I cut, the less there is to show

I took the stand and came clean

Confessed my sins for your voyeuristic pleasure

I testified to my lies

I was your witness to painful regrets for your passive catharsis

I dug so deep for whatever was in me that might not have been heard before

But no one cares when the sonic martyr dares

"What is this? I ain't never heard it before"

Out the door

I told the tale of my life

Exposed mistakes for your educational pleasure

But tales of caution run dry

If you could witness the hubris and folly, as if I've learned nothing

O how I've tried to improve my lot in life

But it seems the joke is all on me, lost in the weeds

Well it may be that the truth will set you free

I wouldn't know because I'm miles away, bored with the chase


Sister it's alright to cry

Sister it's alright to cry when it hurts, or else it just hurts worse

Sister it's alright to cry

Sister it's alright to show what's inside, or else it's just a lie

Come to me sister, alright to cry

brother it's alright to fight

Brother it's alright to stand up for yourself

If not you, who else?

Brother it's alright to fight

Brother it's alright to struggle with the pain, push against the grain

Stand up my brother, alright to fight

So many challenges

One after another down the line, that's just fine

Life is a puzzle box

Each piece a new mystery to be solved, down the line

Stand up together, endure endure, we'll be fine

Stand up together, we are born to endure, yes we are

Mother it's alright to cry

Mother it's alright to touch your deepest love for another

Mother it's alright to fight

Mother it's alright to battle for your son

Raise another one into the world, alright to love


Welcome the new world, baby it's a new world

Welcome the new world, can't you see the new world?

The zeros and ones string us together from the corners of every continent

Our blood is swirling together, we unite through common eyes

Welcome the new world, joy to the new world

Welcome the new world, speeding through a new world

The zeros and ones add up to power

Launching us all into helpless orbit of those with a lease on forever

But we still occupy our minds

Baby it's a swirled world, feel karma whirling around you

Listen for another's heart as the white noise surrounds you

All together come, one world, one vision

Here's to the old world, yes it was a helluva world

Cheers to the old world, kiss it all goodbye my love

There is a comfort in the familiar

Especially when all the tears of the past have dissolved into the future

In a cloud of never-minds


Born in America, raised on rock n roll

Cut my teeth in India, searching for my soul

Now I live in Brooklyn and the planet feels alright

Every flavor at your doorstep, every vision out of sight

Glowing in the streets of gold

Every spice mingling from around the globe

It's Brooklyn soul, it's cool

Little Russia out of Brighton, Chinatown in Sunset Park

Muslim prayers on Atlantic to Jamaican East New York

Every color of the rainbow fills a corner of this town

When the colors blend together there's a party coming downtown

The music in the streets, every heart pounding like a bass drum beat

It's Brooklyn soul, it's cool

Summertime, water fountains

Promenade, Wall Street mountains

Williamsburg, hipster heaven

Polar swim at Coney Island

Born in the many distant corners of the globe

The dreamers and the seekers come to Brooklyn, one and old

From the poor and weak and hungry to the masters of the world

It's a stew of human drama, it's a snapshot of the earth

Every joy and struggle here, birth, death and everything in between

It's Brooklyn soul, it's cool

In Vinegar Hill, warehouses decked in luxury

Bushwick sidewalks sprouting art and living cheap

Crown Heights playgrounds full of kids and menacing boys

Every shade of Jew across this borough of hope

Dip me in the Gowanus!

Watery hives along the Red Hook waterfront

To eternal sleep at Greenwood, my love


Every song I sing is for you and you alone

Even the ones that seem about something else

Are refracted through the prism of your eyes

The further away you are, the more you're in my mind

The deeper inside I go, the more of you I find

Feel life behind my eyes

The world is my muse, I see it through your eyes

The world is my muse, I feel it through your smile

The world is my muse, I see me through your mind

The world is my muse

I ventured into you, I didn't hesitate

I dove into your well and deeply I drank of your soul

This world can be cruel

But I realize the task on each of us

Is to make some kind of peace inside and outside of us


A little of this and a little of that

Some young, some old from around the world are gathered here

A little of this and a little of that

Old friends and new from out of the blue are gathered here

My friend is a magnet for our hearts and our souls

We come together and share each others' gold

From every walk of life, drinking every drop of life

We are a microcosm

A little of this and a dash of that

So generous, so effortless, we share our food

A little of this and a pinch of that

The secret ingredient is love

Come one, come all into this world within a world

The simple joys of accepting who we are

From every walk of life, drinking every drop of life

We are a microcosm

We are a paella!

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