Marty Matz "Pipe Dreams"

Marty Matz was a great poet of the Beat generation, but he wasn't a Beat. He was more of an ecstatic, a euphoric, a psychedelic. Marty was prodigal, living in Thailand, Mexico, California, all over the place. He missed the…


The Lazarus Rose: Ladino Lyrics & Translations

ALTA ES LA LUNA                   


Alta, alta es la luna                   
Cuando empesa ‘sclareser        
Hija hermoza sin ventura           
Nunca llegue a nacer                


Los ojos ya me s’incheron        
De tanto mirar l’amor                
Vapores ya van y vienen           
Letra para mi no hay                 



Recalling the Birth of My Son

THE BIRTH OF ALEX: Home, Hospital, and Bringing It All Together at St. Vincent’s

By Chris Rael, Brooklyn NY, Valentine’s Day 2010


Alexander "Sasha" Rael

When Vlada became pregnant with my son Alexander, she wanted to give birth at home.…

Thoughts on Sandy Hook...

Let's assume gun manufacturers know what percentage of their profits are based on sales through questionable channels, ie, they have data on how much gun control could potentially cost them. Simple deductive reasoning tells us conscious choices must be made…

The Lazarus Rose: First Glimpse

The Lazarus Rose examines the phenomenon of the diaspora in the modern world. Technology has changed the equation for migration, integration and cultural exchange. I am interested in the past (my own, the Spanish, the Jewish, the cultural history of…


September 21, 2001

It's been 10 days since the Trade Center came down. I have been deeply sad and terrified. My gig last night was tough, like playing injured, but people came together. I felt within myself a twinge of a strength I…


Wild Is the Wind

My LA sister in subversive shenanigans Tequila Mockingbird and I made another Indo-dance cover of yet another rock n roll classic, Bowie's Wild Is the Wind. I arranged, played and produced the music while Tequila sang her ass off,…


Remembering Jan Kotik

I met Jan Kotik when he was just 17 years old. Eleven years older, I was a musician and record label owner who fell in love with Jan’s band, the Mommyheads. Like their name, the Mommyheads were irreverent, their fittingly…


Hello world!

With a little help from my friends, I have made inspired music for many years. In assembling this website, I thought of all the thrilling talents who have given their hearts, energy and skill to me so generously. To christen…