2016, Fang Records: This limited-edition thumb drive (36 copies) puts an entire career of music making (the top 365 tracks, anyway) in your hands for just $36.50. This is the product emerging from Chris's epic song-posting project on Facebook & Twitter: a song a day for the entire year of 2015. To see how it works, CLICK HERE. Go to and ORDER HERE.

swirled thumb

2015, Fang Records: The return of Church of Betty after a 12-year hiatus; one of Raels' strongest world chamber ensemble song cycles to date. Rael, Brian Geltner (drums), Chris Cochrane (guitar), Claire de Brunner (bassoon), Rima Fand (violin), Pinky Weitzman (viola), Otto Hauser, Marlon Cherry & Vlada Tomova. produced by Kenny Siegal, mixed by Tyler Wood, mastered by Fred Kevorkian ORDER/DOWNLOAD HERE

LRose cover

2013, Fang Records: Ancient Sephardic songs arranged for modern global chamber orchestra, by Chris Rael (voice, sitar, guitarra Portugese, bass), Deep Singh (tabla, dhol, harmonium), Vlada Tomova (voice), Steve Gorn (bansurai flute), Rima Fand (violin, voice), Marlon Cherry (djembe, voice), Claire de Brunner (bassoon), Nacho Arimany (percussion, voice), Emilia Simeonov (violin) & Amali Premwardhana (cello). An Old Soul/Half-Kaste Production, produced by Kenny Siegal; mastered by Fred Kevorkian. A new frontier in world music! ORDER CD HERE DOWNLOAD HERE


2011, Fang Records: Rael's song cycle re-telling the short stories of James Joyce's Dubliners, performed by a cast of singers and string chamber ensemble. ARABY won the New York International Fringe Festival's Excellence in Music Composition Award in 2011. This version was recorded by Scott Lehrer live at Dixon Place in 2009. Singers: Dudley Saunders, Nancy Magarill, Carlos Ponton, and Rael, with cameos by Marlon Cherry, Rima Fand, and Pinky Weitzman. DOWNLOAD HERE


2008-2012: During his sojourn in LA, Rael teamed up with Hollywood punk princess Tequila Mockingbird. They started making Indo-pop dance singles, first covering the Stones' Jumping Jack Flash and Led Zeppelin's Misty Mountain Hop. When Chris moved back east they continued the collaboration long distance, taking on the Sex Pistols' Pretty Vacant and Bowie's Wild Is the Wind. Next up: T Rex. Tequila wails like a punk Aretha over Chris's throbbing sitar & electronic drum arrangements. Not to be missed! Produced by Rael. DOWNLOAD HERE


2008, Lower East Side Biography Project: In 2004, Rael explored remote New Mexico in search of traces of his long-lost Spanish family. To his amazement, he discovered an extended family of cousins, expanding his family geometrically in his forties. His interest in the family's Sephardic background then drew him to Andalucia, Spain, where he discovered traditional Sephardic music bearing striking resemblances to the composing style he developed in Church of Betty. This heartfelt and fascinating home video screened at the Truth-or-Consequences Film Festival in 2008. SEE FILM FOR FREE 

blossom & decay2

2007, A 32-page collection of lyrics that stand in silence as written poetry, spanning Rael's career through 2007. ORDER HERE 


2005, Mela Films: Rael collaborated with percussionist Bob Muller on the soundtrack for this film by Maurizzio Benazzo and Nick Day, about the Kumbha Mela gathering of sadhus in India. ORDER HERE

Cranberry Street

2005, Fang Records: The title song describes a dreamy, contemplative day up the hill from Dumbo when Rael was living in the deserted industrial neighborhood. This album includes stripped down solo versions of Church of Betty chestnuts, including a fine version of Woodstock, originally recorded for Kashi back in 1993. Highlights include Sympathy, Rael's string quartet ode to Penny Arcade, and Open Your Eyes, an Indo-style dirge for his recently departed father. ORDER/DOWNLOAD HERE


2005, Lower East Side Biography Project: Rael created the soundtrack for this award winning documentary by Penny Arcade, Steve Zehentner and Anna Margarita Albelo. His soundtrack won the Outstanding Soundtrack Award at the 2005 Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles. SEE TRAILER